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Rochelle's Health and Wellness

875 W. Poplar Suite 23-205 Collierville, TN. 38017


Rochelle's Health & Wellness

                      Look Good As "GOLD"


Youthin Weight Loss

All Natural Vitamins. Curve appetite, burn fat, increase energy level and promote weight loss (7-11 lbs. in 3 weeks). 3 weeks supply of vitamins and 4 weeks of Ultimate Cleansing Tea. Free Meal Plan included.

Skinny Detox Cleansing Tea

Detoxifies your system. Cleanses your intestinal walls of parasites, bacteria, toxins and chemicals. Excellent for constipation, bloating, gas, indigestion and acid reflux. All Natural. Great Taste. (4 week supply)

20 Minute Cardio DVD

Increase energy level, burns calories and fats, sculpt arms, shoulders and back, tone up legs and butt and flatten stomach.

Travel The World By Foot by Rochelle Stevens

Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist. Tells the story about her drive to strive past challenges and perception to achieve success. (Book)

Run Like Rochelle Children's Book

Teach your children about healthy habits, discipline and self esteem to chase their dreams.

Corporate Lunch & Learn

Motivate & Inspire your colleagues with a 30-45 minutes power point presentation about * Health, Wellness, Exercise & Nutrition or *Stress Prevention In the Work Place Inquire about the fee call 901-406-5210

                                                              QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

Is this product all natural?  YES   no chemicals,  no soy, no ephedrine

What are the four vitamins? Multivitamin, Fat Burner, Appetite Suppressor, Energy Booster

What ingredients are in the products? vitamin B, C D, zinc, malva leaves, herbs, minerals

What is the average weight loss in 3 weeks?  7-11 lbs with some exercise

Do I have to change my diet? We will  give you a recommended 1300 calorie meal plan

What are the side effects?   Slimmer in the waist and face 

Will this affect my medications?  NO  It is all-natural vitamins, minerals and herbs

How long has Youthin Weight Loss & Tea in business?  Since 1960's

How many times per day do I take the vitamins & tea? Once per day unless instructed different

Does the detox tea run you all day?  NO  it takes 6 hours to work once or twice after consumption

Will the vitamins or tea make me feel hyper or jittery?    NO  must take with food

Does the tea taste good?  YES  you will add your favorite tea bags, honey or sweetener

How long do I take the product?  Since they are all-natural as long as you wish

How do I keep my weight off?  We will switch you to the detox tea only for tummy control

Can I come pick them up?   NO   Please allow 5-7 days on all USPS Delivery



Call: 901-406-5210

Virtual Appointment: Google Meet or Zoom

 *Please use link below to schedule your FREE weight loss consultation*

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